How do I become an Ursuline Sister?

 Time for discernment and prayer are necessary for individuals considering religious life.  The following stages outline the process of becoming an Ursuline Sister


This is a time to become more acquainted with the Ursuline mission and ministries through monthly meetings with an Ursuline companion and informal visits with sisters in ministry. It is a period of non-residency, usually lasting one to two years.


Candidates continue to discern whether they are called to the Ursuline way of life. Candidates live with a community of sisters, are financially independent and continue on in their careers. This stage lasts one to two years.  

During the two-year novitiate period, women experience the Ursuline way of life. It includes a canonical year, which is a year of in-depth preparation for religious profession, focusing on the study of prayer and communal life.  Vows are studied in depth during this period.

Temporary Profession      

Temporary professed women experience ongoing growth and development as religious sisters.  Temporary profession lasts at least three years and usually no more than six years.

Final Profession    

At this time a woman publicly professes her religious vows for life.  The Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland profess vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and an additional vow to provide Christian education in the Church.

What would I do as an Ursuline?

Ursuline Sisters live out their vocations in many ways. Explore our website to see the many ministries in which our sisters serve.