Ursuline Sisters' Retirement Rally

With 129 Cash Prizes totaling $9,700!


Each month winning entries get placed back into the hopper
for chances to win in each monthly drawing!

Our Retirement Rally raises more than $100,000 to contribute toward the care and support of our retired sisters—in addition to awarding 129 cash prizes totaling $9,700! 

Participants have the opportunity to purchase five entries for the price of four! (Tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100) We encourage our Ursuline family and friends to buy their $25 entries from a sister they know because during each monthly drawing, two “sister sellers” will be awarded $25 if their name is written on the back of the first two entries pulled bearing a “sister seller” name. You may also obtain entries by calling our Development Office at 440.449.1200 or by emailing lbregar@ursulinesisters.org

The First drawing will be held the first Tuesday of November!

Each month we'll draw:

12 $50 Winners
4 $100 Winners
1 $250 Winners
2 $25 'Sister Seller' Winners*
And in June ... we'll also draw one $500 bonus winner
*In each monthly drawing, Ursuline Sisters who sold Rally tickets are eligible to win $25. The first two winning tickets drawn with a "sister seller's" name on the back are awarded $25.

The Rally helps pay for critical services and living expenses that increase as everyone gets older and we’re a family of 157! In the area of healthcare alone, our Retirement Fund helps us pay for:
* Dental care;
* Prescriptions;
* Wheelchairs and power chairs;
* Vision care;
* Hearing aids;
* Medical insurance and co-payments;
* Tests & treatments for diseases & conditions, both chronic & temporary;
* Surgeries and follow-up care.

Since sisters received no pay or a small stipend—and the going rate for those sisters who received funding toward their retirement was $100 per year—from 1850 until the mid-1990s, your participation in our Retirement Rally would help us immensely!

We hope you’ll enter the Rally and encourage friends, family and co-workers to “take a chance” on the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland.