Sister Maureen Doyle Featured in The Plain Dealer

Sister Maureen Doyle likes the Urban Community School environment: My Cleveland

Published: Saturday, January 14, 2012, 2:30 PM

"If kids are going to have any pride in Cleveland, they've got to get inside the museums and the theaters and Severance," says Sister Maureen Doyle, director of the Urban Community School.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Sister Maureen Doyle, director of the alternative Urban Community School, whisks pupils from the Lorain Avenue campus for 121 field trips per year.

Are you running a school or a depot?

 Your education is connected to real life. We'll walk to the West Side Market. We'll walk through the neighborhood, seeing people grow fruits and vegetables and chickens. We take kids to the library or Fairview Park on Franklin [Boulevard] or the water park there. We want the neighborhood to be seen as a resource.

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