A big "Thank You" to our sponsors! 

2017 Derby Day Sponsors (So far!)

(Call Cindy Johnson at 440 440 1200 Ext. 105  if you'd like to sponsor this event!)

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Carfagna
Barbara Durkin
Tom and Rhonda Richlovsky

Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc.
Joan A. Conrad
Deb & Gary Kozub
Tony and Molly Musca

Bettie L. Dippo
Daniel T McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Austin J. Mulhern
Frances & Gus Skapek

American City Bureau, Inc.
Ascension Investment Management
Hank Bloom Environmental Conditioning Systems
Ciuni & Panichi, Inc.
William C. Connelly
Joseph and Patricia Golish
Ingardus, LLC
John & Judith Klyn
John Mannen
Miceli Dairy Products Co.
Freda S. Seavert
Irene Wozniak