If you've considered religious life, take the time to learn about several different communities in informal ways:

  • Pray and share a meal with a local community. 
  • Volunteer to spend time with a sister in her ministry.
  • Visit for a weekend.
  • Participate in a Come and See Weekend.
  • Share in a Sunday liturgy.
  • Tour the community‚Äôs Motherhouse.

To arrange any of these experiences with the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland, email 

Six tips for vocation discernment

  1. Pray. Ask God to guide you toward your vocation. Listen to God in the quiet of your heart.           
  2. Read the Gospels and the Psalms and listen to the words as a personal message from God.
  3. Become deeply rooted in the Catholic faith. Be an active participant in your parish.         
  4. Talk to people with different vocation lifestyles.  Ask what is life-giving to them.  Also, ask what struggles they have encountered in their vocation.
  5. Get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, desires and needs, and your gifts.  What are you passionate about?  Where would you like to direct your energy?
  6. What are the pros and cons of each lifestyle choice?  Spend time reflecting on what a day in that choice would look like.  Think about the feelings you have with each lifestyle choice.  Before reflecting always ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


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Sister Ann Letitia
Vocation Director 
Ursuline Sisters live out their
vocations in many ways.
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