Women Watch is a gathering of actively concerned people bound together by outrage against violence toward women and children. Additionally, the annual event  memorializes the women and children who experienced violent deaths in Cuyahoga County during the past year.

Women Watch organizers create effigies bearing the names and ages (provided by the Cuyahoga County coroner's office) of those who died at the hands of violence. The effigies are carried in a campus procession that will end at the Bishop Pilla Center, where names and ages of the deceased are read during a vigil.

 In 2010, Women Watch recognized 10 women who had made a difference in other women's lives.  "We are mobilized to speak out together against violence, and we are committed to working toward positive action through public awareness and preventive education," says UC art professor Sr. Diane Pinchot.

Women Watch was established by the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland to raise awareness of the toll violence takes on society. Today, with the support and participation of the Ursuline Sisters, students and faculty of the Ursuline College Student Arts Organization for Peace and Justice coordinate the event.