Moving the Mission


$2,625 raised towards our $20,000 goal

Each year we provide an opportunity to” Move the Mission”through the generosity of our friends and benefactors in support of a specific need of the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland. We have just lived through an unprecedented year in which the need for technology became apparent in providing opportunities to maintain and grow relationships as well as ministries.

The world of technology, computers and the Internet keeps rapidly evolving. And so much more now is virtual: doctors’ and vaccine appointments, physical therapy sessions, family visits and consultations, gathering of groups and community meetings.There is little that can be done without the assistance of technology.

Of importance to our sisters is reaching out in compassion to those in need of our ministries as well as our prayers even though we are unable to be with them in person. In addition, there is the need to be together for online gatherings to remember sisters who have passed away during these days of isolation and limited contact.

Like many of you, a number of our sisters have not been actively able to keep up with the tech evolution. We need your help in making sure that each sister has the technology she needs and can learn how to use it.

This year’s “Moving the Mission” is targeted to upgrade and improve not only our technology but also the ability of the sisters to use it by hiring a tech support person to help. This person would assist the sisters by evaluating the technology they already have and sorting out what is most appropriate for their needs; educating them on the use of technology; offering support when needed, as well as following up when sisters get stuck and need more help. A person not only with tech savvy but also with a background in education is essential in order to communicate well with the sisters and provide the personalized instruction each one needs.

Thank you for helping us “Move the Mission” forward into a new reality. God bless you!