Basket Raffle

Congratulations to our Basket Raffle winners! If you still need to claim your prize contact Sue Angell @ 440 229 - 5603 or to schedule a time for pick up.

Thank you for your support!

1: In The Spirit of St. Angela Madonna Welsh
2: Would You Like A Little Cream With Your Coffee? Susan Durkin
3: Show Your School Spirit Donna Michals
4: Packed with Cash Samuel Hromco
5: Love Is in the Air Mary (Michelle) Cullen
6: I Scream For Ice Cream and Board Games Dana Heil
7: A Baby Shower Basket Elaine Kason
8: A Spa Day In Erin Maher
9: Go, Wildcats! Sharon Patton
10: The Luck of the Draw Kristen Jackson
11: The Bookworm Basket Sister Elaine Berkopec
12: Lighten Your Load Patricia Wittlinger
13: Get Your Game On Bridget Patton
14: Fairways and Greens Sister Martha Mooney
15: Luck o' the Irish Kathryn Petras
16: Something's Brewing Andy Selesnik
17: A Summer Family Fun Pack Sister Martha Mooney
18: Playhouse Square Basket Catherine Welsh
19: Cozy Comfort Basket Karen Novak
20: Turn On and Tune In Lois Buck
21: Treat Yourself Mary Whelan
22: Living High on the Hog Gayle Wakefield
23: A Rare Vintage Pamela Tropiano
24: Stitched with Love Margaret Gibson
25: Mangia Italiano! Jacqueline Szopo
26: A Care Package for Your New Co-Ed Donna Liszewski
27: Farmhouse Chic Paul Zachlin
28: Don't be Late! Amanda Wieczorek
29: Working at the Car Wash Jackie L Todd Amos
30: Cast Away! Jenna Kinosh
31: Where's the Beef? Amanda Wieczorek
32: Key to My Heart Catherine Welsh
33: Road Warrior Linda C Wilson
34: Room with a View Susan Grand
35: The Hostess with the Most-est Caroline Bick
36: Stocking the Pantry Amanda Wieczorek
37: Into the Wild Renee Boerner
38: A Rainbow of Possibilities! Terry Welsh
39: Top Chef Jacqueline Szopo
40: Home Improvement Nick Calmes
41: I'd Rather be Golfing Amanda Wieczorek
42: Getting Organized Donna Michals
43: For the Ladies Patrick Mancino
44: Magical Mystery Tour Susan Grand
45: A Real Show Stopper! Dana Heil
46: All Work and No Play Kenneth L Kissel Jr
47: Crystal Blue Persuasion Patricia Wittlinger
48: The Great Outdoors Donna Stein
49: Sharp Dressed Man Charles Laszlo
50: Bon Apetit, Mes Amies! Chris Janson
51: The Mother Load Samuel Hromco