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Posted January 14, 2021 in Articles

       “The absence of sincere dialogue in our public culture makes it ever harder to generate a shared horizon toward which we can all move forward together.” Pope Francis

On January 6, we witnessed a domestic terrorist attack on our United States Capitol. As citizens of this country, we are shocked and horrified at the amount of destruction, personal injury, and death.

This attack was generated by those who could not accept the results of a democratic election that were contrary to their wishes; accepting free and fair election results is, of course,  a basic requirement of democratic government. This deadly violence is a clear warning signal to our democracy, our national unity, and our future.

As Ursuline Sisters, founded by St. Angela Merici, who was a Third Order Franciscan and follower of St. Francis, we strive to follow the ways of peace and non-violence in the settlement of personal, communal and national disputes. We strive to practice and teach the paths of non-violent conflict resolution. We invite you to join us in praying for the courage to find paths of peace and reconciliation in our country.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 we will inaugurate the duly elected, 46thPresident of the United States. We invite you to:

-pray with us for the safety and protection of all persons attending the Inauguration, including the Washington DC Capitol police and other peacekeepers, as well as peacekeepers in every State Capitol.

-act with us in contacting your elected representatives regarding perpetrators of hate and violence which threaten the Common Good, a basic principle of Catholic Social Teaching.