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Message from Leadership - Winter 2022

Posted February 25, 2022 in Articles


Dear Friends,

When you are part of the Ursuline family, there is no time for winter doldrums. We are alive and hopeful in the unfolding grace of God each and every season. You will see in this issue that the present moment is no different. The Spirit is moving in the congregation, in our relationships with other sisters, and in our extended family – which is exactly who you are.

Look forward to meeting Sisters Hien and Thu from Vietnam who have become honorary Ursulines, enlarging our worldview with their life experiences. This is another example of fruitful collaboration between Ursuline College and the Ursuline Sisters. Isn’t God good to enrich our lives with these sisters longing to learn and zeal to serve?

No introduction is needed for our Merici Award winners this year: Ed and Barbara Durkin. Their loyalty to the congregation and the civic community is beyond words. Once again, blessings abound in all of our lives because of their faithful dedication in the spirit of St. Angela, doing all they can for so many.

Commitment to God’s people is also evident in Sister Erin Zubal’s work with Congolese refugees. They are not anonymous people in need; they are now her friends and family. What a benediction flowing in many directions.

There are so very many ways that our loving God keeps us connected. Don’t miss the information about the blog that Sister Maureen McCarthy publishes weekly. It’s another way that we can share our faith and stay in communion with one another. The digital age has its blessings, and being challenged by Sister Maureen is one of them.

The Ursuline Mission is woven into each of the stories in this issue. Where is it alive in you? Is it when you pray for the needs of your family or the world? Is it when you thrill to the beauty of ice on a branch and praise its Maker? Do you know yourself part of the scriptural call to justice-making? When do you ache with the pain of another or join in their graced celebration? In each of these moments, know that you are one with us. In fact, so often we admire your commitment, and we re-dedicate ourselves to God’s mission alongside you. Thank you for this partnership.


Sister Laura Bregar