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St. Aloysius puts grant money to good use

Posted December 12, 2022 in Articles

St. Aloysius puts grant money to good use

The Ursuline Sisters received a Re-Igniting Ministries post-COVID 19 Grant from funds provided to The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)  by the Hilton Foundation. The intention of these funds was to provide resources to ministries that serve the most vulnerable and marginalized populations and ministries that have been impacted by these many months of COVID-19. We were able to use the grant with several of our ministries, including the St. Aloysius Preschool program.

Pictured is Ms. Gloria Jackson helping her foster daughter LaShawn explore the science table and practice her numbers at St. Aloysius Preschool. The LCWR grant will cover this year's preschool tuition for LaShawn and for two other children who are currently enrolled.

Foster Parents cannot take advantage of the county voucher for preschool or the voucher for grade K-8.  Ms. Jackson and her extended family have fostered a number of children and have also adopted some of them. 

By helping families in this way, we are not only supporting children in the foster care system of Cleveland, but we are helping them on the path to adoption by loving families.

The balance of the funds were used to support a single mom who was placed on bed rest during the last few months of her pregnancy.  She had twins who attended St. Aloysius preschool.  Because she was no longer working or going to school, her county voucher was cancelled.  We were able to continue to care for her twins and to cover the cost of their preschool tuition through the LCWR Grant.