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One of the Saints of our day who also shared spiritual teachings, said in the end all that mattered was he was Blessed and could Bless. I offer you these blessings and invite you to bless yourself and loved ones and our world.


May you know you are held in the Loving embrace in the heart of our God.

May you know that, despite appearances, the Great Plan is working and all is in Divine Order;

May you release fear and judgment and be an example of strength, courage and balance in these times of many changes.

May you let Love flow freely through your Being and remember it is Love that will bring Peace;

May you live each Now-moment to the fullest and learn to savor what is

May you be gentle and kind to yourself and all others;

May you know joy and peace beyond understanding;

And in the silence and the stillpoint of your Being

may Health and Grace abound!

Sister Ann Winters