A Blue Pier Meditation

A Blue Pier Meditation

At the end of June, I participated in the annual retreat held at Merici Crossings for the Sisters. Sister Cheryl Rose, hm, led us in a series of exercises each day that supported contemplative listening. On one evening, we were given an opportunity to select a picture that “spoke” to us, that “drew us” to it, that sought our attention in some way. Once we chose a picture, we were asked to Journal about it and to respond to several questions. This is what I wrote about the picture that I chose:

Describe: A wooden pier that stretches into a large body of water.
Everything is a shade of blue or white.
The water is two different tones of blue.
There are clouds in the sky.

My eyes go to the edge of the pier.
The edges of the clouds are fluffy.
The cloud on the horizon is narrow and very white.
There is a small white cap in the water off the pier.
The waves are rippling.

What is the picture all about?
It is evening and perhaps a storm is coming. The water is quite calm, only tiny ripples break the surface. A dark blue cloud is framed by white puffy cloud fragments which set it off above the water. Why is the water closer to the skyline lighter than the water closer to the shoreline and the wooden pier, I wonder.

How is this like my life?
I know that at 80, I am approaching the end of my time on earth. How long I have to live; how many planks on the pier remain; how many years ahead will I find support? These are all questions that come to mind these days.

Picture: What message do you have for me?
The time, like the threat of a storm, is a mystery. The colors, the shades of blue and white are favorites of yours and are calming and peaceful. Although you have always been afraid of deep water, there is no reason to be afraid. The closer you get to the end; the calmer will be the water beneath you. Have no fear of the horizon.

The next time a picture “draws you,” you might want to ask yourself these same questions…. and then be open and willing to listen for the message it brings especially for you.

Sister Anne Marie Diederich