“Awake from your slumber, Arise from your sleep

A new day is dawning for all those who weep…..” (City of God)

“You have been sleeping millions and millions of years, why not wake up today”- Kabir

“Be the Change you want to see in Our World” - Ghandi

As we enter a new year I am aware that all of the prophets, mystics, sages in our times (people that I recognize as such) regardless of religious affiliation are speaking about Awakening and being the change we want to see in our world. How do I become the power of God’s all-embracing love I ask myself often. I have found much guidance through the prophets and mystics of today. A few thoughts from some of the guides I follow today---

Richard Rohr, OFM offers such guidance: “Some form of contemplative practice is the only way to rewire people’s minds and hearts. It is the only form of prayer that dips into the unconscious and changes people at the deep levels-where all of the wounds, angers, and recognitions lie hidden. Only some form of quiet prayer changes people for good and for others in any long-term way.”

Thomas Merton puts it this way: “An apostolate that does not spring from contemplation and end in Contemplation is not the Christian apostolate. It has nothing to do with Christ. It cannot manifest Him whom it does not know. It cannot bring anyone to the knowledge of Him, since it is without power from on high…”

Contemplation reminds us that we are loved which calls forth healing and justice.

Our foundress, St. Angela Merici encourages us in her rule “above all be attentive to the inspirations of the Spirit you will hear in your hearts.” May we have open minds and hearts that can listen deeply and be transformed into Love, Compassion, Peace, and Justice.

May we all have companions on this journey for mutual support, to raise the vibration and to bring heaven on earth!

Sister Ann Winters