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Alive with Gratefulness

“Speaking of grateful living is another way of speaking about full aliveness, and waking up to the joy of life.” Brother David Steindl-Rast

The Benedictine monk, Brother David, has devoted his life to spreading the message of the power of gratefulness as a way of being. He challenges us to live each day with a grateful heart. His challenge is not coming from a certain naiveté that denies the sorrows and losses we all experience, but from a core trust in the providence of our gracious God.

For some, grateful living seems effortless. For others of us, not so, but its reality can be awakened after lying dormant in our soul. When we realize that we have lost touch with the joy of life, Brother David’s teachings can be our guide. Viewing grateful living as a practice strengthens my hope that it’s possible. Regarding it as a daily practice reminds me that growth is realized in taking small steps that may not seem to make a difference at first. Committing to making the journey guarantees the desired outcome.

Wake Up Grateful, by Kristi Nelson, provides a rich description of Brother David’s philosophy with five foundational principles for grateful living. Using it as a guide has been a blessing for me. Wherever you find yourself on the scale of “aliveness” today, God is there with you, calling you to ever deeper joy.

Sister Virginia DeVinne