Be a Wave-walker!

Many years ago I encountered a spiritual reading book in which the author described two ways of following our Risen Lord: from a boat, or on the waves. The former were named BOAT-HUGGERS and the latter, WAVE-WALKERS. Unfortunately the title of the book and author’s name have been lost in some dim recesses of my mind but the power of these images still enlivens me.

Living the life of a boat-hugger is a relatively safe way to exist, a fairly low-risk way to travel. Follow water safety rules, don’t sail in a storm, and you’ll most likely arrive at your destination. Trust for the most part is in your own skill and experience.

Wave-walking is much more daring! It’s a high-risk activity I don’t recommend you try, unless you are wave-walking with the Lord. This is a gift given to someone who is longing for union with God. Trust is trust in the Beloved whom St. Angela frequently calls, “the Lover of us all.”

During the many months of Covid I often survived as a boat-hugger. “If I can just hang on to this rocking boat with all my strength I will outlive the storm.” What I yearn to be is a wave-walker, like the spontaneous Peter who risked his life to meet Jesus on the waves. To be a wave-walker is to receive a grace, undeserved but so lovingly bestowed. To live as a wave-walker is to set out daily for the distant or not-so-distant shore where our neighbor lies in need. Jesus travels with us to light the way. May we beg God to open our hearts to recognize the Lord who calls us from the waves.

Sister Virginia DeVinne