It’s nearly the end of August and students are beginning to return to school after summer break. This morning I had the privilege of speaking to a small group of freshmen taking their first step in their higher ed career at Ursuline College. Our topic was the value of owning a “growth mindset” vs. a “fixed mindset” when facing a new life experience. As they wrestled with a concept that was intriguing to them, I recalled one of my favorite quotations from St. Angela,

“Do something,
Get moving.
Risk new things.
Stick with it.
Get on your knees.
Then be ready for surprises.”

Dr. Carol Dweck coined the mindset terms in our time, whereas St. Angela had already intuited the wonder and significance of possessing a growth mindset in the 16thcentury. In my own times of prayer and reflection, I have pondered the type of mindset I see active in different areas of my own life. When I do this, I find these words challenge me to trust that God is encouraging me to be open to growth. I don’t need to be stuck! God is gentling empowering me to keep my eyes and ears and heart awake so I don’t miss God’s call throughout all the stages of my life. Despite worry or fear, I believe that God holds me close, then nudges me out of the nest of my comfort zone and surprises me as I begin to soar.

Sister Virginia DeVinne