There are many things that qualify as being care for the earth.
Pope Francis’ Encyclical letter Laudato Si, On Care for Our Common Home, mentions the following:
*Pollution and Climate Change
*Availability of Drinking Water and Water for crops
*Decline in the Quality of Human Life and the Breakdown of Society *Global Inequality

How does Arbor Day, a day for celebrating the gift of trees, fit into caring for our common home?

The Audubon Society deals with birds and their habitats. Trees are the home of many birds. We need to conserve them not only because of the home they provide for birds, but also for the natural resource they are. Considering what trees do for our planet the connection is obvious.

boost mental health
clean the air we breathe
conserve energy
reduce soil erosion
protect rivers and streams
provide food
provide lumber

My only response, our only response for God’s gift of trees, can be gratitude. For more understanding about the gift of trees read The Nature Conservancy’s list of six ways trees benefit us all. Click HERE

Sister Carla Murar