“Through God, Jesus Christ is the Power of Powers.

The power of love, the power of presence and protection,

the power that rescues us from darkness

and gives us redemption and forgiveness.”

Rev. Ruth Chadwick Moore


Jesus Christ is a king unlike any other who invites us to be a part of the divine royal family again and again and again, in spite of our sorrows, our heartaches, our failings, our longing to wrest control away from him and wield it ourselves. Jesus calls us to the power of selfless giving, mercy, letting go, trusting in the goodness of God to act through us. We offer our time, our love, our hopes, our dreams, our very selves. If that is the power out of which we act, then nothing can ever be taken from us because we give all away. I am wondering if I am humble enough to accept adoption into such a family, trusting that God’s love is the only power I need, a power that finds its strength only as it is freely offered to those who need it most.

Sister Laura Bregar