“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
~Abraham Lincoln

These last few months all of us have been looking at the future. I am heartened by the quotation from Abraham Lincoln. We are all trying hard to predict what the future will be like for us. It is too difficult to do so and falling short is the common experience. Still, the quotation gives us a direction in which to go. We now need to create our future.

Most of us have been thrilled with the progress of the covid 19 vaccines and the hope they hold out for the future. Because of these advances life has “loosened up.” We are able to meet with family and friends who, like us, have completed the designated course of treatment. We are ready to create our future, to journey forward. We cannot afford to move backward.

What does this future look like? We do not know, but we are willing to move into it trusting in our God and each other.

St. Angela also encourages us to trust in God and one another:

“Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, esteeming each other helping each other, bearing with each other.”
~from the last counsel of St. Angela

Let us keep each other and God in our sights as we move together in love and concern.

Sister Carla Murar