The Sermon on the Mount is a familiar scripture to many of us, so familiar that it may be too easy to tune out early in the proclamation of that Gospel passage. If we truly listen, we hear a constant challenge and call from Jesus to conversion: Don’t just DO good and avoid evil. We are called to change our inner attitude to one of always seeking good, always seeing what our neighbor needs and responding generously to that need. We are called to BE good—starting with our motivations and making good choices. We are called to ongoing conversion.

The word often associated with conversion is metanoia, which really means turning around—doing a 180! This is not an easy challenge. Yet it is good to remember that the call always comes with the grace to respond.

May we always heed the call of Christ to forgive, to reconcile, to choose the grace-filled attitude that prompts our good work.

Sister Elaine Berkopec