I was wondering the labyrinth of my achievements,

Doing it all. Doing it all wrong.

Looking, searching for happiness, for life.

Finding only misery in all the success.

I was surrounded by achievement,

Yet, I could not seem to find the road to peace.

I could not find the road to God..

I seemed to have it all on the outside;

I was empty on the inside.

Then I stumbled, well, I fell into the infinite mercy of God.

And so was transformed by the gift of .Eucharist

I discovered that what I thought was a hunger for material things,

A thirst for success, was really spiritual hunger.

And God was there all along, waiting…

Suddenly, maybe instantly I knew I was surrounded by grace—

And nothing has been the same!

Because I have tasted EUCHARIST at St. Anselm Parish Community.

And my hunger and thirst are satisfied by this infinite food and drink—

Such that I have never tasted before.

It is the body and blood of Jesus—spilled, shed and shared

by my soul-mates in surrender to love—

--for me

--for us

--for the world.

And for today again you and I are the body of Christ.

I am profoundly grateful.

Sister Mary Ellen Brinovec