Expanding minds….maybe

Loss and renewal, loss and renewal constantly, stubbornly going on. Darkness and light, light out of darkness, tenaciously moving forward. Death and Resurrection doggedly moving forward, evolution ever moving dynamically toward Omega the fullness of Christ. How painful it all is! Yet, how wonderfully hard it all is, as we live through this Pandemic.

Possibly something new is emerging out of this dark space we are currently in. The human species is letting go of the single, separate, egoism, adolescent mind set or consciousness.

Is the Holy Spirit pushing, guiding, leading us into an expanded global consciousness? As we painfully come through this crisis we gradually, really “grow up” so to speak. We know of the suffering all around us. We are part of it. Maybe we are all of one “soul” one essence, and that essence is the Christ Yes, Jesus suffers with us, in us, in our neighbor and with our neighbor, the one across the world, the one next door.

Perhaps, as we surrender to the movement of the Spirit of God in this mess, we learn compassion. We are all just human beings after all, only one strand in the great web of life.

Maybe, as we reach out in compassion and in suffering we just might let the ugliness and evil of prejudice,white superiority, all racism, selfishness, lusts for greed and power disintegrate. A new human being could possibly emerge from this Pandemic with a global consciousness, aware of and having reverence for our brothers and sisters, the four legged, and the earth. Maybe we will begin to learn from one another and cherish one another. Everything is precious and sacred after all…and is filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

Lord, help us surrender to your movement in our lives and in the life of the world.

just pondering….

Sister Mary Joan