Follow your heart’s desire
tune into what it feels
it leads to love alone
it knows the way to heal.

Spread kindness everywhere
give more than what they ask
you’ve come to light the world
your power’s unsurpassed.


“What you have seen me do,
you, too, can do and more,”
so said the holy one
who lives forevermore.

The power’s in your hands
the light is in your eyes
the love that holds you up
causes the sun to rise.

Heaven is where you live
holy is what you are
the fire inside of you
is inside every star.
You and the Source are one
you needn’t look above
it’s all inside of you
you’re breathing pure love.

The new is being born
The light is breaking through
The very one you seek
is in the heart of you.

© Jan Phillips 2012


Follow Your Heart’s Desire

September 16, 2019

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Submitted by Sister Ann Winters