Giving all for a greater treasure

One of my favorite prayers in the Mass is during the Presentation of Gifts or Offertory. The priest prays it as he pours out water into the wine. “By the mystery of this water and wine, may we come to share in the divinity of Christ who humbled himself to share in our humanity.”

I find it amazing that Christ gave up everything he had not only to be part of our humanity, but also to make it possible for us to share in his divinity. Christ treasured us so much that he gave up everything he had to enable us to share completely in his glorious life in union with the Trinity.

As I listen to the parables in this past Sunday’s Gospel about the treasure in the field or the pearl of great price, I have a new understanding of them: Christ himself is the lucky finder of the treasure or the single-minded merchant and searcher for great pearls. And we are his treasure. Imagine!

In turn, Christ calls us to be as single minded in searching for the Kingdom of God in our lives and world, and in making it more and more a reality. This can be a simple thing to do, but that does not mean it’s easy! We have a roadmap, however, in the teachings and life of Jesus: Clothe the naked. Feed the hungry. Comfort mourners. Visit prisoners. Shelter the homeless. Love one another. Love your enemies. Wash one another’s feet. Welcome the stranger.

Christ poured out everything for us on the Cross, even the Spirit, giving all for us. Can we do any less?

Sister Elaine Berkopec