The Gospels in the Liturgy during these weeks awaken us to the chaos and catastrophic collapse of all the basic trustworthy systems of life.

At this moment in time we sometimes panic -

We are aware that we are an interconnected global world.

We are bombarded with tons of information and statistics.

We know too much. We fear one another. We are lonely, sometimes desperate.

Where can we look for guidance?

It seems that our cultures are themselves the cause of our fear of the possible destruction of the systems of the world we thought were secure. We look to technology for everything, even transcendence.

Perhaps we need to go within ourselves to seek the freedom, the spontaneity

we so long for. Deep within, we find the real reality… the real values.

Perhaps we need to go to the earth itself. The earth, we know, is moving

forward to fulfillment through its ageless pattern of evolution, already

Christified, gifted with divine life.

Perhaps we need to find or bring to birth a community of creative vision

beyond rational thought or cultural laws.

Perhaps we need to go inside to the deeper richness of all that is. In the stillness, the silence, the creating mystery of Spirit. will embrace us in peace.

Imagine a huge forest fire and finally, the fire fighters are able to put it out.

What remains is charred trees, ground, blackened earth – destruction and death.

In the shadow of a dead tree one fireman sees a bird, a mother bird who obviously is still as stone, but looks like ash. He gently touches her wing. She disintegrates but out from under her wing come her babies, chirping away, new life. Their mother saved them by giving her life. Mother of the Cosmos, our God, always births new life, hope, and rejoicing.

“God is our shelter and strength,

always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not be afraid,

even if the earth is shaken

and mountains fall into the ocean depths,

even if the seas roar and rage,

and the hills are shaken by the violence.

There is a river that brings joy to the city of God,

to the sacred house of the Most High.

God is in that city and it will

never be destroyed.

At early dawn he will come to its aid.

Nations are terrified, kingdoms are shaken.

God thunders, and the earth dissolves.

The Lord almighty is with us;

the God of Jacob is our refuge”. Psalm 46:1-7

Just pondering….Sister Mary Joan

Sister Mary Joan Grisez