Healing Our Lives and Our World

"If you restore balance in your own self you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world."
-Deepak Chopra

As we navigate this special time in our history and reflect on its meaning, my direction has led me to the basics over and over. Show up in the present moment with an open heart. Be open, be loving, be kind and be grateful.

First be open, loving, kind, and grateful to yourself. See yourself as God sees you.

Then practice the same for all others. As we practice and it is a practice, I deeply believe we are contributing to the healing of ourselves and our world. The only tool we need is willingness.

When the Dalia Lama, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism was asked what Religion he belonged to, his response was My religion is Kindness. When I read this I immediately wanted to join him

I was gifted by a friend many years ago with a plague that hung for years in my office and it says:


May we all be today what matters…..kind to ourselves and all others and our world and in doing so know we are instruments of God’s Healing Love in our world.

Sister Ann Winters