“In those days after that tribulation the sun will be fade out, and the moon will cloud over, and the stars will be falling from the sky, and the cosmic powers will tremble….” Mark 13:24-26

It seems that Mark, in his parabolic way is describing the upheavals of what we are currently living through. Our hedonistic and narcissistic culture of the western world is surely a time of darkening and disturbance. The earth is erupting in storms and fires, massive destruction, loss of life etc.

Because of technology we are made conscious of the suffering of so many of our brothers and sisters, the animals, and our planet.

Is there hope? Is this all an end or the beginning of new life?

It’s the paschal mystery, the death and resurrection of Christ who is at the heart, the core of the living earth (Christogenesis) dying and rising. Part

of it is just the evolutionary process.

Perhaps we are on the threshold of a new global consciousness that is open to the pain of the world, is compassionate to the suffering, is big enough to welcome the stranger, is aware that we are all one in our humanness and in our pain.

Perhaps those who are losing everything in the cosmic chaos are teaching us that we desperately need to go deep down within ourselves, to discover that part of us where God dwells and to draw strength from living love that is burning with hope.

…Just pondering

Sister Mary Joan Grisez