Many years ago, I was asked to prepare a meditation for a prayer service. What happened could be compared now to a computer download. Suddenly I saw a large bonfire which I knew not with my head but my heart that was the unquenchable love of God. Sticks were being lit from the bonfire and their fire was also unquenchable. With a knowledge beyond knowing I understood that the fire of the sticks was the same as the fire of the bonfire, the Source, the Christ Consciousness.

This was a visual metaphor of our own souls and spirits in union with God.

The message that we burn brighter when we are united came through, too. During this time of great division in our country and the globe many have forgotten that we all come from the same Source. God’s love is constant and ever in us. The Christ Consciousness is universal to everyone, no matter what separates us. Beliefs, biases or prejudices can be barriers until we lower them and see the flame of the Christ burning in others as it is in us.

This is the season of light. The Advent readings remind us of what already is and what is to come. The grace of the season can be that we see the flame of Christ in everyone, not just the ones we know and love, but everyone we encounter.

Allow Advent to be a time for your heart to be, just be in the moment of grace. Don’t doubt yourself. Be a conduit of grace and allow yourself to be open. Be the light and reflect others’ light back to them. In the reflection let them see their own light for where the light shines there is no darkness. Be positive, be honest about your own light. Come into the light. Radiate light. Be radiance itself, the Christ Consciousness.

Meditation [possible meditation music]:

Sit in the space between all your thoughts and the “awe”.
Gradually take in the awe.
Step into the emptiness where the Divine resides.
Just be and breathe in and breathe out.

See the flame, the unquenchable flame and
Unite with Home:
Limitless Love and Peace.
Sit, just sit for as long as you want.
When you are ready, come back to the space where you are sitting.
And thank and praise God.

Sister Mary Eileen Boyle