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Let Peace, Love, Joy, Gratitude Begin with Me

Recently on Facebook this message appeared.
One day I would love to turn on the news and hear:
There is Peace on Earth.

I enjoy passing on inspiring messages so I forwarded it to my Facebook friends. And I got a message back from a friend: “We all pray for peace but it seldom happens. Does this mean our prayers go unanswered? This is a tough one.” It had me pause and wonder and reflect.

What came to me is a song I have sung over and over in religious settings: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” We can also insert Love, Joy, and Gratitude. I believe God created us to be instruments of those gifts. It is a choice with every encounter we have. It takes consciousness and choice.

Fear is so prevalent in our culture today; it is so easy to get swept up in it. We each are called to love and accept ourselves and all as we are and gently remember God is always with us, so we can let go of fear (false evidence appearing real) and become the instrument of peace or love or joy or gratitude. It takes commitment and practice. It is our call!

As a personal reminder these days, I carry a slip of paper in my pocket which says: “ Allow love (or peace, joy or gratitude) to have its way in this moment.” It helps bring me back to Being who God calls me to be for our world today. May it bless our world through you too.

Sister Ann Winters