Mary, the Holy Mother of God

Rather than “reinvent the wheel” I decided to use the beautiful reflection by Kate Larson found in the January issue of “Living with Christ”.

She helps us to understand how Mary reacted to the worshipping of the shepherds. The shepherds reveal to Mary and Joseph that Jesus is the Messiah. Mary reflected on this. She has known who Jesus is, but now he is a newborn, her own child lying serenely beside her. It could have hit home that she doesn’t really know what “Messiah” means for him and for their family. She could have been afraid. She could have been worried. She could have started to plan for all eventualities. We all might have done these things. Yet as Mary reflects, she relies on her own heart rather than her mind.

She is able to treasure the words of the shepherds. She recognizes that God’s plan is a beautiful gift. She looks to the future with peace. Contemplating the future can be scary. God unfolds it little by little. None of us know the full picture or the implications.

Let us pray to have Mary’s trust, peace, and confidence as we contemplate the year ahead.

Sister Carla Murar