Mary’s Footsteps into Wisdom

“Who can count the sand of the seas, the drops of rain, and the days of eternity? Who will search out the height of the sky, the breadth of the earth, the deep? Wisdom has been created before all things, and the understanding of prudence from everlasting. To whom has the root of wisdom been revealed? Who has known her shrewd counsels?” Wisdom 1: 1-8

Guided Mediation You are invited to sit in stillness and rest in your heart.
Quiet your mind, and let your imagination embrace Mary, in the room where she prayed. Let her speak to you. Walk with her on the inside of things…in the darkness of mystery…into the depth of communion…into newness of life…walk her wisdom path, through night into new day.

Imagine Mary as a young girl, laughing, bubbling over with life. She wears a simple dress…she is looking forward to fulfillment in marriage to Joseph…things are good. But in the silence of her prayer everything is suddenly in crisis… With what eyes does she know angelic presence? Confusion embraces her…she hesitates …questions…doubts her experience. In doubt and hesitation she risks everything and offers all of herself. She enters the unknown… slowly, deep peace comes and she is on a journey of fulfillment… “Do not be afraid,” the angel said.

Mary and Elizabeth meet on the very edge of life…unnoticed and unknown to men of power….hidden joys of children held deep in secret like bud of flower.….hear the song the Spirit sings in their flesh…wisdom born in them for all the great unsung women....pain and darkness will come…new life will struggle to be born.

Bethlehem at last…but such a long journey to get here…the birth is near…the baby moves…the beast beneath her is gentle, for he knows…it was going so well until the wisdom path takes them where the darkness of rejection is met over and over…hunger cries… exhaustion and worry surround Joseph and Mary…the Child…at last, a cave and warmth from the inside…and wisdom lights the way. All along wisdom was guiding…she birthed for us the One who came to make the broken whole.

Paschal Mystery/through death to new Life.
It is going well….Mary hears the stories of His teaching, healing, making whole…he loves the earth, the sky, the lonely places where He goes to connect with His Father. Mary hears of the fear of the powerful, smells their hatred…. Again the crisis, the fear, the ugly threats, the darkness descends into her heart of pain. She who gentled and protected her young son now stands and watches the cruelty that kills….waves of sorrow that stun and sicken overwhelm her….He gives her to us and she enfolds the world….this road of tears… the waves of pain wash over her ….she waits and weeps for the loss and the light gone out….but wait ….Resurrection….”Go to Galilee…. He is looking for you!”

We pray to Mary

Woman who walked through darkness into light,
Woman who walked through desolation to confidence
Woman of faith in a doubting world
Help us, Mary, to walk through the pain to peace.

Mother who brings understanding out of confusion,
Mother who brings togetherness out of division and polarization,
Mother of hope in a helpless world,
Help us, Mary, to walk through the doubt and to trust.

Woman who carries courage in the face of terror,
Woman who carries bread in famine,
Woman of reconciliation in a war torn world,
Help us, Mary, to walk through the dissonance into harmony.

Mother who sees the depth of insight in blinding darkness,
Mother who sees the love in a selfish milieu,
Mother of vision in the storms that threaten,
Help us, Mary, to walk through turmoil into quiet

Woman who gives consolation amidst tears of sorrow,
Woman who gives the warmth that crumbles coldness,
Woman of confidence in a cold and disease ridden world,
Help us, Mary, to walk through scattered insecurity to safety.

Mother who encounters doubt and turns it into decision
Mother who encounters peace against all destructive forces,
Mother of power in a devastated and distressed world,
Help us, Mary, to walk through devastation to reconciliation.

“Wisdom once rescued an innocent and holy people from a nation of oppressors. Through Moses she guided the Israelites along a miraculous journey. She gave them shade during the day and brilliant starlight during the night. She led them through the deep waters of the red Sea.” Wisdom 1. 15-19

Just pondering and praying,

Sister Mary Joan