Last week, from February 19-22, 2019, sixty-eight of our Ursuline Sisters moved from their current residences, wherever those may be, to a brand new facility. Understandably anticipation peaked and excitement was electric. Much time, work, energy, ingenuity and attention to detail had been devoted to the practical aspects of the move, but in stolen moments of quiet, it had occurred to me that moving from one setting to another evokes questions that can be considered on yet another plane, a deeper plane that could be spiritually useful now or at any time. I offer for your consideration just a few of the questions I have pondered.

When I look at an item that I intend to pack, I ask … Why am I taking that and what purpose does it serve? Is there enough room (space/time/energy) for it? If not, why not let it go? How do I do that?

Oh no, not another delay or unforeseen change in what I had expected. Who is in charge here? (God?) How do I react/respond in such situations?

In my busyness have I taken some things for granted? When is the last time that I was genuinely grateful ? What form did my gratitude take?

Yes, I have lots of responsibilities to deal with, but have mypersonal issues deafened me to the needs and concerns of others? What degree of awareness do I bring to larger issues in the world? How much and what kind of attentiondo I devote to assisting others?

Any major change involves complex feelings: memories look backward and evoke mixed feelings; the unknown future beckons forward and can also generate mixed feelings. Where is my focus? Does the weight of myenergy lean backward or forward? What is my dominant feeling about the future?

Caution: if you start to ask yourself these or other questions that may occur to you, please don’t do it alone. Always remember to invite the Spirit to join the conversation with you. Wherever your train of thought may lead you, whatever answers you receive, know that you are always being held securely in the palm of God’s hand.

Sister Janet Moore