Remember to be alive. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do. Just live. Live in gratitude of the Risen Savior. The gratitude of the Earth. The gratitude of people who recognize you as who you are and not as a symbol or a representation of an institution.

We are one. We, as the human race in a spiritual sense stand together. For to be separate causes pain. Pain of separation is at the top of our fears and worries. Only we don’t recognize it. In the lack of knowing, we fill the void with words, things… We are one whether we recognize it or not.

Our oneness in God is oneness in creation and all its manifestations. It’s okay to be independent but not separate. Despair, depression even agony result from removing ourselves from the Oneness.

How can we see…really see that separation is impossible? Contemplation is a path to the seeing.

As an aging community we can help ourselves and others by practicing quiet sitting meditation. We can do it together in the same space or in our rooms. Even in our rooms we are still united by the intention.

We aren’t just “guides on the side: We must be in the midst of the seekers. Doing it together. This is more than a ministry, it is a “doing”, an engagement that recognizes we are stronger together. Our united energy helps us all in the delving into Oneness.

Contemplation naturally leads to compassion and that in turn becomes an outward movement. Pat Farrell speaks of “the radiant heart”. The Spirit helps with the next steps after we give ourselves over to being radiant hearts filled with compassion.

Sister Mary Eileen Boyle