Ten years have passed and I return to my Jesus Tree.

There’s a new view of it in summertime.

Its branches are full of green, green leaves breathing for me.

Its long, graceful arms reach out to hold me –

and not only me, but more than me:

the generations of family and faith that have gone before me.

I feel blessed by its presence;

so strong it is, so wise with the wisdom of the years.

What vast secrets does it hold?

What gifts of grace and glory reside in its branches?

An angel watches like a sentinel at the gate of the ages,

inviting me in to explore my beginnings.

Divinity dwells here and Jesus waits for me

to return and receive its gifts.

My family, my friends, my ancestors and all of nature

reside here with me.

Our problems, our blessings are such tiny specks of the whole.

In light of the ages, what are they but a passing worry or a fleeting joy?

They don’t loom so large anymore.

It’s all in the great perspective of shadow and light, sun and shade.

One complements the other in a balanced whole.

The tree is me – and thee – and Three:

Creator and created, Savior and saved, Spirit and graced.

We are ONE. We are GOD – together.

We are blessing and blessed.

We are old and young and ever new.

We are before we were.

We are here and there and ever before. We are hereafter.

We are one great chain of divinity stretched across the ages

through the years, reaching forward, looking back

into space and time already past, yet not become.

We are the voice of the voiceless, the heart of the matter,

the soul of all being.

We have a responsibility to hold on tightly to each other,

to lose not one link in the chain of life,

to stand and walk together united by our nature

until we are at last returned to live

in the presence of the Author of our Being

in that place where a moment is everlasting.

Sister Julianne McCauley