The world we live in today makes it impossible to ignore the internet.

I have noticed how many times I am asked for a password.

I need a password to:

  • Log onto the internet
  • Leave an old site and log onto a new site
  • Check medical information (my chart)
  • Contact my doctor (s)
  • Talk to friends
  • Read articles of interest
  • Watch TV programs
  • Participate in Mass when I am ill

The list could be “endless”.

All this makes me grateful that I am still able to unplug, communicate and interact with God through private prayer and contemplation. I don’t need to log onto the internet to do this. God is within easy reach, and so is God’s peace.

I hope my brief reflection has made you think of how pervasive the internet is in our lives and encourage you to unplug more frequently than you do now.

God grant us all peace.

Sister Carla Murar