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Praying with an image….


Jesus repeatedly asked his disciples, “What do you see?”

We see with the eyes of the heart by simply being present to a flower, a

tree, a plant, a picture, a photograph, a drawing.

Perhaps prayer is not so much what we say or do but much more about

what the Mystery of Spirit is doing in us.

So too, with images, one can let the image speak.

This is the prayer of the heart, the prayer of listening with heart.

Choose a living flower. Let it speak to you… you might weave in words like holy, healing, divine, oneness, commonness, beauty, chaos, dirt, earth, resurrection, birth, life…

Where does the image (flower) take you?

How does the image speak to you about the Divine Mystery?

What does it tell you about you, your place in the universe?

How does it make you feel?

What does it make you think of?

What does it teach you about death?

What does the flower say about your inner self, your true self?

Does a scripture passage speak to you in this image?

Just pondering and praying,

Sister Mary Joan Grisez