As fall is ending, my thoughts turn to thankfulness to our Creator God for treating us to this annual display of beautiful foliage. What a feast for the eyes and delight for the soul! How many times do I just walk or drive by and so miss the glory before me?

I realize that too often I also miss the beauty of each person I whiz by during my day. Whether in person or on Zoom, I recognize my need to slow down, to notice and reverence the uniqueness of each one’s being, The art of mindfulness can be a stepping stone to this goal. Although the current attention to mindfulness has opened many to its benefits, for me, mindfulness is not a new invention. No, mindfulness has always been a way of walking in the footsteps of Jesus. I believe Jesus is our true guide.

Mindful of the slight pull on his garment by an ailing woman, the inner thirst of a woman at the well, the ache in the heart of a woman about to be stoned, Jesus is present to them in their time of deepest need. Present with healing power. Present like no other.

Jesus, may I be present, present to You who is always present to me.

May I learn from You how to be truly present to others,

to those in need

and to those who don’t know they need.

May I remember that when I am present to another,

You are the One

Who listens and heals.


Sister Virginia DeVinne