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Sacred Landscape

Be aware of the sacred site

Be aware of the sacred site.
It brings us feelings of awe, of presence,
of divinity ...
Feelings that seem to come from the heart
of the universe herself.
Be not, however, beholden to the site...
The sacred is within our hearts.
It is ours whenever and wherever we are.
This is the teaching these sites have
to offer us --
the redemption of our sanctity.
~ Peter Russell

When I stepped into our new chapel at Merici Crossings one morning for Mass, I immediately felt the sacredness of the space—not only within the walls, but also as I looked through the windows to the landscape beyond. God is here. Our prayer expands to God beyond our sight, to the horizon of the morning sunrise, to all who pass by.

This indeed is a sacred landscape. We are on holy ground. We are holy ground.

Sister Elaine Berkopec