Transformation of Consciousness: Shifting from Role to Soul

In LCWR Occasional papers in December of 2021, Ted Dunn wrote an article about the transformation needed for our times. He wrote: “our species will either evolve into a new consciousness, and a new way of being, or devolve into an abyss of death and destruction. Hope lies in our willingness and determination to collaborate in taking the next evolutionary leap to a new level of consciousness.”

I believe Ted Dunn and recently was struggling with having the tools for such necessary inner work. And I received an idea and inwardly thought I’d like to run this by JC a member of my community. I was then called and asked to be the receptionist at our front desk which I was able to do. Within minutes JC walked in with her computer to have our Tech fix it. I briefly shared with her and she said, there is just the right book to help us with this process and bless her heart and soul within two days I had a copy. And to make you smile there was nothing wrong with her computer, it was on airplane mode. The Divine sent her to get the book in my hands.

And the book is: “The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul” by Connie Zweig, Ph.D. And in the Occasional Papers coming out soon there is an article about the book and author. It is a gift beyond all gifts for the next step in our evolution. I believe with all my heart and soul that this is the “work” of our times. This book is an extraordinary tool to help us with our call. I hope you will get it and work with it as the Spirit leads you!

The book ends with these quotes: “Being love is the best preparation for death,” Ram Dass said. “No where to go, nothing to fear, just loving awareness, unchanging, as everything around me changes, moment to moment. Being here right now, becoming immortality in the moment, now, and at the moment of death.

And Connie concludes: “And so for me, to love everyone, to serve everyone, and to remember God, I need to return to my meditation seat to dissolve into the ocean of pure awareness. Join me there.”

Sister Ann Winters