12 2 2020

Sr. Dorothy, the Advent woman

As we settle into Advent, the season of waiting for the birth of the Messiah, we have an air of expectation but also a sense of realization of the presence of Jesus. Sr. Dorothy Kazel spoke about Advent in the final days before her death. She said “Yes, we have a sense of waiting, hoping and yearning for a complete realization of the kingdom, and yet we know it will come because we can celebrate Him here right now.” Jesus’ constant presence with us is a source of hope, that we are never abandoned, that although we wait for the coming of the kingdom, Jesus is with us here right now. Sr. Dorothy reminds us that Jesus is our companion who constantly shows us how to see through his eyes, listen with his ears and be his hands in the lives of others.

  • In what ways each day, can I feel the presence of Jesus in my life?
  • How can I be the presence of Jesus for others in my life?
  • Who, in my life, is the presence of Jesus?

Sister Cheryl Mentkowski