Spring always reminds me of spring cleaning. It means deep cleaning not just your weekly dusting or vacuuming but really looking at the ‘stuff’, looking into the corners of the house, examining even those areas that have been long hidden under beds and tables and in closets. It is a willingness to see the stuff in the light of day and rid ourselves of some things that are no longer helpful or even seem to be harmful. I remember well coming home from school to find the windows open, the furniture on the porch, rugs on the line outdoors and my toys on my bed for sorting. It was hard to part with some of those things but as mom would say, “necessary to create room in the closet for something new.”

The spring of the year comes during the season of Lent and Easter. It is a time for deep reflection that leads to newness and growth. But the journey also includes some cleaning out somewhat akin to spring cleaning. Embracing the opportunity for growth necessitates our readying ourselves for the newness. It is important, as mom would say, to make room for the new. The invitation of this time in the Church year is to get into the Spirit of “Spring Cleaning for the Soul”. This introspection into the corners of our lives asks us for the willingness to face what we find there and to ‘let go and let God’ help us to find the dust and the stuff that needs our attention. Just as our homes need attention at least once a year, our souls need us to attend to those areas that we find which are no longer helpful or useful for our journey to God.

Some tips that might be helpful in seeking the way to God, a way to renewal and new life are often things that we have heard over the years but may have forgotten. So, I hope that you find these seven tips refreshing and supportive ways for Spring Cleaning for the Soul.

  • Be alone with God at least once a day whenever you can find a few moments of quiet in a place conducive for meeting God. Ask for God’s help as you seek growth.
  • Be willing to share your truth. God is always compassionate and understanding.
  • Look into those places in your life that you have hidden even from yourself, those things that you don’t want to face. In sharing those areas with your loving creator they are rendered powerless.
  • Adopt a fearless stance as you rummage through the spaces and places in your life. Just as you do when you seek those things that need purging from your closet or attic.
  • Ask for God’s help in letting go of all the things that are no longer helpful to your life of Christian service and love.
  • Pray for the courage to be faithful to surrendering what you need to let go.
  • Enjoy the peace and freedom and your closeness to God.

Reflection is a gift we give ourselves. It is a way of cleansing and healing. It is not only useful during the spring time or Lenten/Easter season but the Church in her wisdom has set aside this time as a reminder of what we need in order to continue growing. Happy Spring!

Sister Mary Ellen Brinovec