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We are now in Holy Week and I am still puzzling about the meaning of the word surrender. Let me start at the beginning of my consternation, the beginning of Lent. At that time, I found my stash of quotations and readings that I had saved for Lenten prayer and reflection for this year. I was struck by a quotation from Ilia Delio, a Franciscan Sister and scientist – theologian.

Ilia wrote:
The surrender of God in the person of Jesus Christ is the great mystery of God.

She goes on to comment that:God does not hold back and wait until we get things right; rather, God loves us where we are and as we are.” Ilia continues: In Jesus, divine Love has found us and has surrendered to us.

That is when I had to stop and ponder, and I am still pondering. What if, as Ilia claims that : “God hands God’s self over to us to do as we please.”?

What do I do with that realization? What have I done? As I pray the stations and hear the readings of the Passion, I see the image of Jesus’ Hands bound, surrendered, to us, to me and continue to ask myself what I am doing with this tremendous gift of Divine Love so freely given. If I allow myself to enter deeply into this mystery, I am overwhelmed and deeply humbled.

Ilia Delio describes this experience as well:

“But for those who breathe in the Spirit of God, the surrender of God in love is the greatest act of humility, and one can only receive this love in poverty and humility. Receptivity marks the person of surrender.”

Let us pray for the grace of receptivity so that we can truly grasp what it means to surrender.

*IMAGE CREDIT* "First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death" Diane Therese Pinchot, osu

Sister Anne Marie Diederich