This is the beginning of a New Year…newness.

A new awareness about the Divine Mystery we call God… our childhood awareness of the Presence, like Santa Claus, was good but how about a new appreciation, a new paradigm. Is our God from our childhood way too small? Have we whittled this great Mystery down to our limited cultures, our limited minds, our limited religions, and our limited humanness?

Perhaps we can get our minds around a new awareness of the reality of Presence, of the Holy Spirit, of a God who is much bigger than we thought.

Maybe this Presence is life, yet bigger than life. This Presence might be the very heart beat of the earth. This Cosmic Christ, living and breathing, and moving in and through the earth, and every living thing.

This Resurrected Presence is perhaps birthing everything into union, into transformation, into fulfillment and fruitfulness, drawing everything to Omega. We experience the allure, the divine attraction. Maybe there is only one soul, that of the Christ and we are all a part of it.

Thus, we can claim a new realization about the human person. Look at a gigantic evergreen tree…spend some time in awe and in reverence. The trees surely let us know how tiny we are as we look up and up.

The human person is about the size of a branch on an evergreen tree. In the great reality of the Cosmic Christ the human person perhaps is reduced to the size of one of the needles on the branch of an evergreen tree. A weak, tiny needle, totally vulnerable, and yet, totally loved and kept in existence.

This little speck of creation having consciousness has immense power to “tune in,” to connect, to encounter, to pray, to surrender, to help create union with the Divine Presence and with all that is.

“In the beginning the word already existed; and word was with god, and the word was God.”

Just pondering…..

Sister Mary Joan Grisez