With another turn of the seasonal cycle, we are drawn again to the majesty of God shown in the beauties of creation. We marvel at God’s creative genius shown in the earth golden and rich with harvest and the trees adorned with vibrant color and splendor.

The glory of the Lord is indeed all about us. How can we gaze upon this dazzling display and not be moved by its splendor? How can we stand before such beauty and not sing praise to the Creator? Truly the array of color bespeaks a God who embodies beauty and majesty and who longs to share such handiwork with us.

Scripture is full of references to creation as the reflection of God. The Book of Wisdom, for example, tells us that from the greatness and beauty of created things, their original author is seen (13.5). The writer questions how people so wise and knowledgeable about the mysteries of fire and air and stars can be so slow to recognize the God who fashioned them.

In his letter to the Ephesian community, St. Paulreminds us that we too are part of the handiwork of God, fashioned in Christ to lead a life of good works (2.10). Like the leaves whose splendor leads us to praise our Creator, our lives in their glorious display of loving acts should lead others to God. If we strive to live as people filled with the love of God, that same God will surely shine forth through our actions.

As we appreciate the season of fall for the beauty it provides, we celebrate it as well as the season of the harvest. Crops sown in spring bring forth fruit and provide nourishment, reminding us yet again of God’s providence in caring for our needs. As Psalm 67 reminds us, the earth has yielded its fruit; God, our God, has blessed us.

As we enjoy the beauty of this season and partake in the fruits of its harvest, let us be mindful of the God who fashioned it all, the same God we seek to make known through our lives. Let us remember those who hunger for bread or for God. May we do our part in responding to their needs by volunteering some time, by making a donation to a hunger center or homeless shelter, or simply by holding them in prayer. May we extend the love of God through our efforts.

Autumn is indeed a season of love, of fruitful yield, and of faith. May we see in its beauty the hand of God ... and give thanks.

Sister Susan Bremer