In Deuteronomy Moses asks his people if ever before there was a god who did for them what the God they know now is doing for them, this people, here in this moment, in this place.

“Did anything so great ever happen before?” (Deut. 4:32)

What does this simple question ask us today, now, in our lives? In a world of turmoil and anger and impatience, what is God doing for us? In our own personal arenas fraught with loss, illness, job insecurity and frustration, what is God doing for us?

Do you hear the voice of God in the midst of the fire of your life?

Allow me to suggest that even the ability to wonder, to question, to seek is a gift from the One who, indeed, loves us fiercely. Agonizing over the questions reminds us that there is always more than the pain, always more than the darkness. We keep reaching out because our spirits seek the Spirit above, below, around and within us. There is more, and our loneliness teases us into moving toward it. There is love, and our grief opens us to new ways of experiencing it. Grace abounds. Choosing to accept it is our call.

Laura Bregar, OSU