Not long ago I was reading about Caryll Houselander. I remember reading her bookThe Reed of Godas a young sister. She was writing about Mary, Jesus’ mother who was like a reed or a flute through whom the Spirit of God flowed.

That image has stayed with me as a reminder that I, too, am a reed. In this busy world I think I need to first stop and feel the vibrations and then go deeper to feel and listen to the quiet voice of God speaking to me.

I took these thoughts into meditation and this poem emerged:


Feel the energy

Be in the flow.

Never doubt you are loved.

The vibration is Love.

It flows at a very high frequency.

Never doubt.

Be aware of the flow.

Feel it in your body and heart.

Never doubt.

Be a seer.

See the energy in others.

They flow as you do from the same Source.

Help others to feel and see the energy in themselves and others.

Your energy is the Source’s energy.

The Source’s energy is truth.

Let the naysayers go their way.

You are truth, too, you flow with truth.

Shout, “Yes”!

It is flowing in, under, and around you.

Be aware.

See the energy.

Be the energy

Of the Source: God the Lover of us all.


Sit quietly breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathe deeply and allow the diaphragm to open your lungs. Make these gentle breaths. Get into a rhythm. You may want to listen to music while you do this. This music is good [click “skip” to bypass the ads] or you may have a favorite selection. The vibration of music helps tune into your own vibration. Using earbuds brings the music in contact with the bones of your skull and the vibration radiates down.

Become aware of a fullness of love swelling up from your core, allow it to swirl in and around your heart. Rest in your heart and feel the vibrations of the Source of Love within you.

Stay there as long as it feels right. Then open your eyes and acclimate back to your present surroundings. Bring that vibration into your day and to everyone you meet.

Sister Mary Eileen Boyle