The Unconditional Love of God

What do we all seek? Love. Especially God’s unconditional love. Love with no strings attached. That is hard to take in because most of us were taught we had to earn God’s love. We were consciously or unconsciously given the message that we were not worthy to receive God’s love.

This is a quest. What does it take to feel, see or touch God’s unconditional love?

In meditation I hear that quiet whisper of God telling me it is right before my eyes. I just have to let it in.

What is preventing me from feeling God’s love? I have nicely built walls around my heart when I perceived slights, put downs, feeling of being less than or guilt that I had done things wrong. My message was: “Why would God love someone like me?”

Underneath everything is fear. But in the quiet God is breaking through and gently coaxing my heart to open to Love.

It’s an ongoing process with a couple steps forward and then some back. My God is patient and in that patience, I feel Love.

Sister Mary Eileen Boyle