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To See the World Through the Eyes of Love

The Mission statement of the Ursulines of Cleveland is “To transform society through Contemplation, Justice, and Compassion”. It is a noble and humbling task. At this time in history I believe it is the reality to which we are all called.

“Be Still and Know that I am God.” This is the starting point: Our commitment to allow the God within us all to love and direct us for the healing of our world.

Richard Rohr in a daily meditation on Oct. 21
(Meditations@cac.org) quoted Adam Bucko’s book “Let Your Heartbreak Be Your Guide” for those on the path of Contemplative Action. The insights inspired and challenged me and I hope they do the same for us all.

Commit to engage with the world from prayer and not ideology…experience interconnectedness with all of life in God.

Commit to doing the work of coming to term with our social location and how it relates to systemic racism, poverty, militarism, ecological devastation. Are there commitments we need to reevaluate?

Talking about justice is not the same as doing it. Are we simplifying our lives and committing to ethical living in socially responsible and ecologically minded ways.

Practicing works of mercy, making sure our hands are touching the hands of someone who is suffering and Mother Earth as well.

Consider joining a social movement for our lives and relationships happen within institutions and systems.

As we move toward a life of personal and political holiness, may we be blessed and may our lives and presence express the love of God that is always and everywhere available to all of us. Our God is always accompanying us and guiding us.

Sister Ann Winters