“Praise His glorious name forever!
May His glory fill the whole earth!” Psalm 7

What do the Summer flowers say?

Imagine yourself walking through a garden, filled with flowers. Stop. Look around. Hear the sounds…. leaves brushing against one another…wind gently moving your hair…bees buzzing …smell the fragrance… stand In wonder…a Presence is at home here….Mystery…. take off your shoes.

Notice that each flower has a center…the petals are separate yet are “one” because of the center. Life comes from the center. Connect with a rose. On the edge the petals are separated but as one goes to the center they come together, attached to the center….no longer separate.

What of the center of the earth? Let the eye of your heart go there and unite with the heartbeat of Christ. Rest in the Mystery of the cosmic Christ. Know that His aliveness is exploding in such abundance that everyone is taming it…weeding, trimming, cutting back0…. life comes up through the cracks in the cement that we continuously repair. The media has yet to give us statistics on the how much of earth we have covered with cement and blacktop. Yet, life thrusts up wildly through new cracks.

What of the center of the human? Mystics say that our deepest self, our center is the dwelling, abiding presence of the Divine. We simply have to go to our center, not the brain. Maybe contemplative prayer is possible to everyone who is willing to quiet the mind and come home to their center. It could be that we are always being called to the center within ourselves. Perhaps God is saying, “Please come home to my richness deep within. You have been playing with external toys. Their pretty emptiness fails you.”

Perhaps, when we come home to our deepest selves we connect with universal soul. We are of the earth, finite, limited and yet we are of the stars, emersed in the Universal Christ. We are like waves in the ocean, looking for water….the Mystery of Spirit is always flowing through us, around us, and in us.

What do flowers say to us? “Go deeper than playing with the flower petals of life. Go to the center of things, the deep freshness within. We need to come home.”

Pondering the flowers…

Sister Mary Joan Grisez